Author Christopher Laird’s star is slowly rising, and it’s just the beginning

Author Christopher Laird’s star is slowly rising, and it’s just the beginning

In the vast cosmos of modern science fiction literature, one name shines bright as a beacon of imaginative storytelling and exploration of the unknown – Christopher Laird. With a penchant for crafting narratives that transcend the boundaries of time and space, Christopher Laird has captivated readers with his latest masterpiece, “Origins: The Secrets of Mykia.” But who is this literary maestro, and what other tales has he woven into the fabric of the science fiction genre?

In “Origins: The Secrets of Mykia,” Laird takes us on a thrilling journey to the 28th century, where humanity finds itself locked in a relentless battle for survival against the formidable Ramassidors, an advanced alien race bent on annihilation. But these alien adversaries aren’t just malevolent conquerors; they harbor a hidden agenda that transcends mere conquest. At the heart of this epic tale is Michael Stratford, a decorated war hero and the captain of the Horizon, a vital asset in the interstellar combat force known as Deltacore. Stratford, however, begins to question the war’s purpose and the Ramassidors’ true intentions, sparking a dangerous quest for answers. As he delves deeper into the mysteries of the universe, he uncovers a startling revelation: the impending extinction of the entire universe hinges on his success.

A Prolific Author’s Odyssey

Christopher Laird’s literary journey doesn’t begin and end with “Origins: The Secrets of Mykia.” It’s part of a broader tapestry that includes five other gripping novels:

• “Origins”

• “Eternity’s Past: The Reign of Xona”

• “Origins 3: The Children of Mykia”

• “Origins 4: The Rise of Mykia”

• “The True Meaning of Christmas: From the Perspective of an Alien”.

Each of these works offers readers a unique perspective on the realms of science fiction, from interstellar warfare to the enigmatic musings of extraterrestrial beings.

Author Christopher Laird’s star is slowly rising, and it’s just the beginning

Reflecting on his work, Christopher Laird shared, “I’ve always wanted to do a second edition of the book. There were some things that I wanted to change, particularly the cover and some minor story details. Same story, new perspective.”

But the journey doesn’t stop on the pages of his books. Laird’s literary vision extends to the silver screen, as his book “Origins: The Secrets of Mykia” is currently under consideration for a motion picture adaptation. Laird noted, “The script is already done. It is a long way from being finalized, but we are working towards getting the green light for this.”

Moreover, Christopher Laird is set to make his mark in the world of cinema with a role in the upcoming film “The Social Worker,” directed by Bryan Gibbs, slated for release in October. Although he modestly describes his role as small, Laird expressed, “I had a blast doing it.”

Author Christopher Laird’s star is slowly rising, and it’s just the beginning

Exploring the Universe of Christopher Laird

For those eager to embark on their own voyage through the captivating worlds of Christopher Laird, his books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, readers and fans can connect with him through his website,, where updates and insights into his creative process await.

To stay even more connected with this visionary author, you can follow him on Facebook at chrislairdscifi and on Instagram at chrislairdscifi.